Trgovina građevinskim materijalom



U našoj trgovini možete pronaći građevni materijal potreban za izvođenje Vaših radova poznatih domaćih i svjetskih proizvođača od kojih izdvajamo:



- Poduzeće Lasselsberger-Knauf je ugledni europski proizvođač najkvalitetnijih gotovih, tvornički pripremljenih građevinskih materijala iz sustava žbuka, mortova, estriha i ljepila kao i sustava pune toplinske zaštite.



- Svjetski poznati proizvođač hidroizolacija, sustava za brtvljenje građevina, sanaciju, impregnacije.



- Zvučna i toplinska izolacija u graditeljstvu. Građevinske folije Thermosilent 52.

RotoLogoNeu cemex_altaNexe



masterplast m-profil180



Pošaljite nam upit, i vrlo rado ćemo Vam pomoći!


-pocinčano pletivo

-pocinčana žica

-natezač žice


-cement, bijeli, brzovezujući



-prirodni šljunak, pijesak

-čelik bet.rebro u šipci Ø6 - Ø14

-armaturne mreže

-odstojnici za armaturu


-ljepenkaV3, V4

-krovna folija

-građevinske folije TERMOSILENT

-betonske cijevi Ø20-Ø100

-cjelokupni sistemi za dimnjake

-betonski blokovi

-stropni uložak, cigla, crijep

-ljepila unutarnja, fleksibilna

-žbuke, završne, strojne, ručne, ukrasne

-zidarski mortovi,

-sustavi za sanaciju




-kvarcni pijesak

-hidroimpregnacija ALLCAT

-kompletna oprema za fasade

(stiropor,mineralna vuna,cokl profil,staklena mrežica,kutnik,pvc čavli, ...)

-profili za žbukanje

-polipropilenska vlakna

-pokrovni lim


-drenažna cijev PVC

-pur pjena, silikoni,

-krovni prozori


-nogostupne ploče


-dekorativni kamen

-košare za smeće

-kape za dimnjak

-vratašca za dimnjak

-kopanje za svinje

-rešetke za tovilišta

-žardinjere, vaze, ukrasni elementi...


-vrtni stol


-betonski sudoper

-betonski križ

-betonski prozori

-AB poklopci za cijevi

-stupovi za ogradu, vinograd, brajde...

-ukrasni stupovi, elementi za stupove

-geodetski stupić

-kape za stupove, parapet kape

-oglasni stup

-šahta za vodomjer, kanalizaciju

-polukugla za parkiralište

-prozorske klupčice

-betonski stol za stolni tenis





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Nicki Minaj and Former Wig Designer Settle $30M Lawsuit

*Nicki Minaj reached a settlement in the $30 million lawsuit filed against her by her former wig maker, Terrence Davidson, who accused the rapper of cheating him out of millions of dollars by stealing his designs and failing to come through on a promised reality show. A  federal court judge ruled in favor of Minaj and dismissed the entire suit. The judge concluded that since Davidson never had any written contracts with Nicki he had no case. In his 2014 lawsuit, Davidson claims Minaj stole his colorful wig designs and sold them to the public. Nicki fired back, accusing Terrence of igniting a legal battle because he was bitter that he lost her as a client. She also asked the court to dismiss the suit because a wig style can’t be trademarked. READ RELATED STORY: Nicki Minaj Snatches Security Guy’s Phone & Throws it Away! [WATCH] The federal court judge agreed with the singer and awarded Terrence nothing from his $30 million dollar legal battle. However, he did file and appeal and won! His victory was based on the fact that he and Nicki had an oral agreement which allowed for Davidson to design and sell Minaj wigs for her personal use only. He said he would have charged her a higher price for his designs had he known she planned to sell them to her adoring fans. Davidson’s legal battle against Nicki didn’t end there. On April 1, the designer filed a document that dismissed all claims against Minaj, but the  court settlement terms are to be kept confidential. Minaj has become known not only for her often XXX-rated music, but for her unique and extravagant fashion sense. Regarding her choice of hair styles, Minaj has said, “My wigs are ever changing in height, width, color, size. They make me feel happy. Wearing them makes me feel like I can be a different person every day and that is kind of exciting.” Nicki Minaj & Terrence Davidson pre bonded hair h/t: TheJasmine Brand

BHL This Week – Join Derrial Christon, Courtney Stewart and DJ Jesse Janedy recall the top stories of the week on This Week for April 7, 2016. Jesse talks Black Girls Rock on BET and Sarah Palin suing with Azalea Banks. Courtney discusses the Religious Freedom” Bill in Mississippi and a New Natural Hair Mag.remy hair extensions Derrial wraps things up by talking about an $8.7 Billion Food Stamp Cut and Janet Jackson stopping tour to plan a family. All this and more on This Week! Joining Derrial, Courtney and Jesse is CBS’s “Rush Hour” star Justin Hires.

*Donald Sterling’s $1 billion legal battle against the NBA and commissioner Adam Silver did not go in his favor. A federal court judge dismissed the former Los Angeles Clippers owner’s battle by throwing out the entire case. As a result, Sterling ends up receiving nothing financially regarding claims he made that he was unconstitutionally bullied out of the NBA after release of an audio tape where he is heard making racist statements. The judge’s ruling, which officially closed the case, concludes legal back and forth in court Sterling has been engaged with the NBA and Silver for more than a year. In his lawsuit, Sterling claimed he was booted from the league while mentioning that the action was baseless and a violation of antitrust laws. The NBA and Silver soon responded to Sterling’s suit, calling the legal action BS and stating that Sterling wasn’t the sole trustee of the trust who owned the Clippers. That additional trustee was Sterling’s wife, Shelly, who ended up selling off the team. In their suit, the NBA and Silver claim the sale of the Clippers was legal and within Shelly Sterling’s rights. According to the NBA, Sterling had no legal leg to stand on whatsoever regarding his case. In addition, the league pointed out that although they gave Sterling a chance to meet with Silver being that he was terminated, Sterling cancelled his in-person interview. READ RELATED STORY: Donald Sterling Spotted Cursing Out Girlfriend at LA Restaurant READ RELATED STORY: Donald Sterling Sues TMZ and V. Stiviano Over Recorded Conversation perruques cheveux naturels In their countersuit, Silver and the NBA claimed, per Sterling’s contract with them, they were indemnified against any and all legal actions, debts, obligations, losses, damages or settlements. Overall, the NBA and Silver sued Sterling for damages, costs and attorney’s fees related to the former league executive’s statement and conduct, the investigation they had to conduct into Sterling’s infamous leaked tape, the discipline they placed upon him, the court proceedings to terminate his ownership of the Clipper and the response to his billion dollar lawsuit. On Tuesday (Mar. 22), the federal court judge in the case returned with the dismissal of Sterling’s case. In the ruling, the judge pointed out that the NBA is a private party along with Sterling and the federal government can’t interfere with their business. TheJasmineBrand notes that the judge went on to state that the NBA offered to meet with Sterling and provide every opportunity to be heard and they informed him they would listen to any evidence he had to show them. The ruling also concluded that Sterling cannot prove that the NBA deprived him of a constitutionally protected interest and noted that the State Court already approved of Shelly Sterling’s sale of the Clippers, with the judge believing that that Shelly obtained the highest price she could for the sale of the Clippers. In addition, the ordered explained that Sterling can’t claim he was injured by the sale of the team in light of the fact that it was purchased for $2 billion dollars. h/t: theJasmineBrand

*Kevin Hart is taking steps to enter the literary arena with penning a memoir. USA Today cites an announcement from the Atria Publishing Group that reveals the funnyman will publish his memoir, titled “From the Hart” on Father’s Day in 2017. In a press release, the company’s vice president and publisher, Dawn Davis, described the book as “an anecdote-filled, inspirational memoir” that will be published under the 37 Ink imprint. “From the Hart” will examine how Hart has used obstacles and setbacks he’s experienced in life to fuel his drive to succeed. Among those obstacles and setbacks are Hart growing up with an addicted father as well as failing miserably at his first gigs. “He not only has a comedic sensibility that is perfectly-pitched for our time, he has a bounty of stories from his life that are wise, funny, and entertaining,” Davis told USA Today while sharing that she’s been watching the comedian’s celebrity status rise since his show-stealing performance in “Think Like a Man.” READ RELATED STORY: Kevin Hart Clowns Fan Who Mistakes Him for Chris Rock (Watch) perruques cheveux Hart’s venture into being an author comes as he remains active on the scene with recent movies such as “Ride Along 2, with Ice Cube;” “The Wedding Ringer,” with Josh Gad; and “Get Hard,” with Will Ferrell. Hart’s next big-screen outing will be “Central Intelligence” with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The action comedy is set to arrive in theaters on June 17. In addition to big screen success, which includes presenting at the Oscars in February, Hart is making power moves on the small screen as an executive-producer of BET’s “Real Husbands of Hollywood.” On the stand-up front, Hart’s current comedy tour, “What Now” has been a proven success with grossing more than $100 million worldwide. Weighing in on his popularity, Hart described it in a way that only he can. “My kids know I’m a big deal. They’re very aware,” he said. “I let them know every day, I say, ‘Look, daddy’s a big deal.’ Now I’ll have a book out to prove it.”

Shemar Moore in “Criminal Minds” *”Criminal Minds” fans were left stunned last Wednesday night when actor Shemar Moore said goodbye to the series after starring in the crime drama for 11 seasons. His character, FBI Special Agent Derek Morgan, left the bureau to spend more time with his family. Since then, Moore has comforted fans in several interviews about Morgan’s future – assuring them “that it’s not goodbye.” “Derek did not die,” Moore, 45, told E! News. “Those elevator doors closed. And, yes, I am wanting to see what else is out there for me and what else I’m capable of in my career and also in my personal life.” In a recent chat with Essence, Shemar further explained his departure and what he hopes to do next as an actor. Below are excerpts from the interview.lace front wigs ESSENCE: Derek Morgan is no more?! Congrats on a stupendous three-episode arc exit! SHEMAR MOORE: Yes, it’s been wild. It’s been wild. I’ve been off the show since February 10th, but it’s just been this big secret. People ask me all the time how I feel … friends, people close to me, whatever. I’m like I don’t think it’s hit me, not just that I’ve left, but that it’s been 11 years. It’s taking this leap of faith. Just knowing what I got the opportunity to do for 11 years, and the culmination and the way I was able to walk off into the sunset in the final episode. Feels good!

ESSENCE: Your fans were very upset over your departure on social media. MOORE: The response from all the fans, it has really been wonderful, endearing, overwhelming, touching, emotional. It’s just a trip. It made me somewhat emotional just because they care that much. That’s just a good feeling because I know what I’ve put into it for the last 11 years. READ RELATED STORY: Shemar Moore Exits CBS Drama ‘Criminal Minds’: ‘I Left It All On The Field’ (Watch) cosplay wigs ESSENCE: They didn’t kill you off, which I know was a relief for fans. Did you have a part in that decision about how you left the show? MOORE: I remember around season five just feeling like I’m ready to challenge myself and take another step. I treat my acting career like school. Like Young and the Restless is high school, and Criminal Minds is college, and now I’m ready for grad school. By the time I got to that elevator scene it was kind of closure. I will say I’m excited about my future and possibilities, but if I was invited back to dance and play with those guys again, then the elevator doors might just reopen. ESSENCE: We love that you and your mom are besties. What does she want you to do next? MOORE: My mother’s so proud of me, but she hates how dark the show is. “Can you just go fall in love or play a doctor or a teacher?” she’d say. She wants grandbabies, and she just wants to see me laugh a lot. She wants to see me travel. She knows how serious I take my career and how hard I believe that I work. She’s very proud of what I’ve accomplished, but she also wants me to just enjoy life. I just want to keep paying for her beachfront condo. Read the full interview here.